Do I Need Counseling?

In the past six months,
have any of the following statements applied to you?

  • I’ve had trouble adjusting to new circumstances in my life
  • I have felt sad, hopeless, worthless or depressed
  • I have had fears that have prevented me from doing things I used to enjoy
  • My anger has gotten out of control
  • It seems like my kids aren’t listening to me
  • My children are getting into trouble at school
  • My relationship with my partner has been strained or unsatisfying
  • My spouse has suggested marriage counseling
  • I feel like our family is fighting all the time
  • We are engaged and want to explore how our relationship will change with marriage
  • I am considering divorce
  • I need help making a tough decision

If you agreed with any of the above, counseling services could help. Therapy is an investment you make in yourself and your family to help get the most out of life.

Starting Therapy

Sorry, Emily is NOT currently accepting new clients. Please email for a recommendation. Although it’s not a substitute for therapy, you are also welcome to submit a “Dear Emily” question.

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